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If you've enjoyed the Mt. Morris Community Events page on Facebook, you're really going to love this site.

Welcome to MOUNDER TOWN. You will find what you need to know when it comes to community events in the village of Mt Morris, IL.
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Our town and residents are special - 
   We have fun and exciting times in our small community!
About The Site
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This is a new and fun way of seeing what is happening in the Village of Mt Morris. 

Are you coming home for a family get-together? A holiday? A class reunion? 

Make this site your favorite for all the latest and greatest happenings in Mt Morris, IL. We do have a lot going on!
Mounder Town wants to hear from you. 

This website is only possible with the input from the viewers. Please use the Contact Us button to reach us.

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Check out the MM Library page!
***Moundertown website invites you to view 4 videos of a tour held at the former Mt Morris High School or recently the DLR Jr High School.***
Please go to our Memories page & scroll down to find the buttons for each of the videos.
Videos were taken by Arnie and Sue Tice.