Mounder Town
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 of days in Mt. Morris, IL.
Class of `35
"The Old Folks Home of the Brethren Church"
First house in Mt. Morris
Mt. Morris Depot
Wishard Building
Old Sandstone
Current bandshell before remodeling
Mt. Morris College
Acker Clothier Softball Team 1948-49
Kable Kolts
MMHS Built in 1955 / DLR Junior High - Closed by Oregon School District - Last Day of school, May 2022
Classrooms in Old High School / Jr. High
After the Fire
The Kid's Favorite - the  HS Firescape
MMHS - The First High School in Ogle County
Mt Morris Original Elementary with `50's Addition on the Right 
All 3 Schools: Elementary, Jr High & High School
Class of 57 8th Grade on the Elementary Steps
Rahn Elementary Teachers 2-12-16 Anniversary Lunch
MMFPD Fighting the Rahn Elementary Fire
Class of `35
Beaky's Barrel, 1950's
Rahn Elementary
1st bandshell S. Wesley on Campus 1919
2nd bandshell south of current one
First cabin near Mt. Morris
 built by John Phelps in 1834
1st Sandstone & Ladies' Dorm Fire 1931
Pinecrest Manor built 1960-replaced the "Old Folks Home"
Map of Mt. Morris Streets 1838
First school house in Mt. Morris
Class of `37
Mt. Morris Public School had grades 1 through 12. Built in 1870.
Tour of Mt Morris High School / DLR Jr High School - 2022