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Mt Morris (Mt Morris/Oregon) High School Class Reunions
Planning a class reunion? Use this page to keep your class aware of the date, time, place, etc. 

By sending your information to the website it will posted here and you can alert your classmates to check this page often to keep up to date on what's happening. Also, send us your group picture after your reunion & we'll post it on this page.

Mounder Signature Cheer:
Rickety, Rackety Shanty-town
Who can hold those Mounders down?
Mounder Fight Song
Words by Band Director Warren Reckmeyer in 1955
The music is the trio from "Searchlight" by JJ Richards
Mounders Red and Black
Don’t give up the game,
Yea, team, strong attack
Carry on to fame.
Mounders drive `em back
While we win this game,
We’re gonna fight, fight, fight
To win this battle,
Victory is ours today!
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Class of 1956
Class of `71
Back row from left to right:  Gloria (Stouffer) Hartle, Mary Jane (Babler) Crowell, Sigrid Shook, Sandra (Messer) Olson, Joyce (Kinsley) Mann, Sandra (Sharer) Anderson, Doris (Barnhart) Snapp, Elizabeth (O'Connor) Lawor, Jerry Yount, Fred Logan.
Front row, left to right Nellie (Shelly) Ermey, Phyllis (Gilliland) Haberer, Emmalyn (Jones) Spickler, Arlene (Otis) Dohlen, Carolyn (Diehl) Hackbarth, Lujune (Beck) Furman, Richard (Hammy) Highbarger.
Back row from left to right:  Shelly (Shaw) Schultz, Bob Shook, Christy (Horst) Lewis, Jan (Zellers) Dietrich, Stan Ballard, Bob James, Bill Nicholson, Bob Cockrel, Bob Macklin, Ron Hongsermeier, Mick Hokanson, Gary Schmidt, Randy Hall, Bob Asp, Ken Kaufman.

Middle Row: Georgia (Diehl) Novak, Kathy (Moser) Vance, Maralee (Floski) Kaufman, Tom Bowker, Paula (Burkhalter) Martin, Vic (James) Wean, Kathy (Taylor) Medlar, Gayle (Stouffer) Madsen.

Front Row: Barb (Walker) Rosenbalm, Cathy (Cunningham) Fennel, Angie (Stevens) Burke, Nancy Griffen, Heather (Vye) Reding, Janet (Michael) Black, Rose (Sheely) Avey.

Class of 1976
(Front row, kneeling) Beth George, Debbie Miller, Sandy Stengel, Cathy Snapp, Patti Jo Langholf, Jill Nunn, Steve Incontro, Jeff Condit

(second row) Cindy Flick, Rosemary Miller, Howie Herman, Cathy Hightower, Kay Fay, Betty Ingram, Julie Knodle, Nancy Nicholson, Carrie Bradshow, Rosemary Heffernan, Becky Blevins

(Last rows) Bruce Hongsermeier, Brad Blake, Fred Ridenour, Cheryl Blake, Neil Anderson, Al Watson, Dan Elsasser, Curt Potts, Gary Melvin, Don Fridley, Tom Cain, Mark Fay, Jeff Nelson, Jim Watson, John Shelley, Ron Slater, Bill McKay, Dave Felker
 Front Row (Sitting): Dave Newcomer, Sue (Sheely) Ramage, Vicky (Henricks) Stoner, Bill Wiggins, Gary Henderson, Paul Lindvall.

2nd Row: Ginny Snodgrass, Norm Zellers, Doug Wean, Vicky (Coffman) Hunter, Linda (Nicholson) Munroe, Diane (Ault) Ridenour, Jo Ellen (Worley) Sanders, Nancy Dickson, Dan Weber, Cathy (Longman) Blakey, Sue (Scott) Druschel, Kathy (Lewis) Appel, Pam (Long) Broughton, Nancy Gray, Shirley (Toms) Deyo, Diane (Blake) Bollman, Diane (Mulligan) Blaine.

3rd Row: Jeff Deweerdt, Ed Bates, Bob Nevenhoven, Neil Merdian, Dave Stevens, Paul Minervino, Irv Toms, John Bowker, Chuck Buser, Bob Evans, Charlie Armbruster, Gerald Rowland.

Attending But Not in Group Photo: Cheryl Cunningham, Linda (Robinson) Bleuge, Ginger Coffman, Steve Dietrich, Dan Highbarger, Ed Miller, John Vye, Dick Warkins, Larry Wisnosky, Sharon (Zumdahl) Asp.
Group Picture Taken by Barb (Walker) Rosenbalm, Class of `71
Class of `66 50th Reunion
Shown below are 2016 reunion pictures of the
 Classes of 1956, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1986, 1996.
To view videos of the Class of 66 reunions, go to and enter the email address "" and then the password "50yearreunion". 
Front Row: Steph Toms, Kara (Knodle), Shari Janes-Mitchum, Jeanette (Johnson) Bennett
Second Row: April (DeWolfe) Sanderson, Lisa Nickerson, Tabitha (Pretzch) Naylon), Tracey Reeder, Dana (Lessen) Daub
Third Row: Scott Meyer, Cindy (Ward) Huser, Karen (Binkley) Wolber, Tim Duffy, Lori Morhardt, Tracy (Marsh) Eastman
Back Row: Mike Darbaro, Dan Francis, Jim Hopkins, Davis Orr, Bill Clothier, Frank Messenger, Phil Short
Class of 1986
Together from Kindergarden
 through Senior Year!
Class of 67 50th Reunion 2017
Roger Walker, Diane Dietrich, Jerry Pontnack,Mary Fillion, Marge Unger, Bill Dusing, Joan Wells, Sharon Stouffer, Terry Messer, Greg Glenn, Denny Garkey, Kathy Cheek, Greg Miller, Sherry Burd, Linda Pontnack,, Kevin Johnson, Crystal Meeker, Jeff Polum, Anita Toms, Bill James, Jeannine Drexler, Barb Kiely, Judy Gardiner, Darrell Light,Fran Floto, Ron Corbett, Melvin Reigle, Bill Myers.
 Kneeling: Nancy Smith, Jim Dickson, Stan Burke, Teresa Kaufman.
 Missing: Karl Bronn, Gary Snodgrass.
Class of 1957 60th Reunion 2017
Front row: L - R, Melvin Kielsmeier, Mary Jane (Floto) Zipse, Marion (Duncan) Thompson, Sara (Yoder) Davidson, Sylvia (Thomas) Saunders.
Middle row: L to R, Bonnie (Ware) Soresie, Sylvia (Hagemann) Stover, Nancy (Glotfelty) Kielsmeier, Ebba (Lundin) Fewell, Daisy (Willis) McAnnally, Jean (Minervino) Scholl.
Back row: L to R, Jon Martin, Dave Saunders, Greely Myers, Salley (Olsen) Wessels, Nancy (Snodgrass) Falzone, Glenn Orr, Mike Balluff, Ron Duffy, Darrel Myers, Myron Babler.
Front Row: Lou (Skip) Finch
Middle Row, L to R: Rob Urish, Donna (Crook) Boomgarden, Sally Gray, Linda (Jewett) Miller, Dora (Henricks) Ubben, Don Lamm, Jef Missman
Back Row, L to R: Edith (Baker) Lauerman, Steve Justice, Bob Fulton, Dennis Ballard, Darlene (Hammil) Raney, Rich Scerba, Fred Sheely
Class of 1962 55th Reunion 2017


 In keeping with the decades long tradition of gathering at least twice a year....This year the class planted the last of the four trees they have donated to our Campus. 

The last of the four trees donated by the MMHS Class of 1957 was planted May 9th at the southeast corner of the Campus on the Village Square All of the trees replaced trees that had been damaged by storms or were diseased. 

Class of `57 & Friends Gathering at
 Fireman's Breakfast July 4, 2018
L to R: David Saunders, Nancy Glotfelty) Kielsmeier, Greely Myers, Mary Jane (Floto) Zipse, Lynne (Fleming) Wilburn, Jeanne (Minervino) Scholl, Nancy (Snodgrass) Falzone and Marion (Duncan) Thompson. Those attending but not in photo were: Moe Kielsmeier & Sylvia (Thomas) Saunders. Photo provided by Sylvia Saunders
Dick Zickuhr & Sally Wessels

Nancy Kielsmeier

Sylvia Saunders (`57) &
Doree Hickman (`58)
Dick Zickuhr, Greely Myers,
 Dave Saunders & Moe Kielsmeier
Nancy Falzone & Mike Balluff
Scroll down to see pictures of class reunions from the last several years. NEW! Pictures from class reunions in 2018, with more to come! Keep checking this page for new pictures!
Below are 2017 reunion pictures of the
 Classes of 1957, 1962, & 1967.
 Scroll further for pictures of MMHS class reunions from 2016.
Class of 1968
Back Row, LtoR: Bob LeFevre, Conrad Walker, Rod Avey, Kerry Knodle, Jeff Hokanson, Brent Doyle, Greg Dietrich, Ron Burke, Rick Davis, Mike Hartman, Chris (Worley) Stabile
Third Row: Ruth (Mayes) Paunika (in yellow), Melody (Ridenour) Henderson, Norlene (Duncan) Weinberg, Deanna (Shank) Martin, Margo (Hightower) Kluge, Mary Alice Lindvall, Trudy (Osborne) Drumheller, Linda (McKay) Wankel
Second Row: Dave Diehl, Pat Mulligan, Cyndy (Rahn) Wedryk, Linda (Urish) Mitchell, Jenny (Corbett) Gann, Christy (Muller) Askew, Mike Hackerson, Greg Greenwood
First Row: Dave Webber, Larry Reineck, Jim Hall, Larry Marks, George Fridley, Roger Behrens, Molly (Herman) Baker. 
Those attending but not pictured: Jim Nelson, Geri (Highbarger) Reynolds, and Nancy (Polum) Griffin.
Class of 1958 60th Reunion
 July 6, 2018
Back Row, LtoR: Dick Butler, Bob Satterfield, Ken Smith, Pat (Hambley) Miller, Jim Schiefelbein.
Front Row: Gretchen (Conrad) Diab, Kay (Hovis) Egan, Doree (DuMont) Hickman, Connie (Frey) Dunn, Howard Punka, Rodney Miller
Class of 1978 40th Reunion at Peggy & Jeff Tikson's
September 22, 2018
Back Row: Curt Diehl, Jeff Turner, Jerry Slater, Bill Semon, Pat Marshall
3rd Row: Kris Melvin, Alisa Omert, Stacey Krick Mize, Brenda (Leopold) Perrone
2nd Row: Laura (Dykstra Powloka), Ruth (Felker) Tucker, Peggy (Kielsmeier) Tikson, Nancy (Stauffer) Nelson, Rhonda (Kump) Marshall, Becky (Blake) Stults
1st Row: Jane (Hough) Atteberry, Linda (Egan) Alden, Betsy (Bobo) Edwards, Diane (Hackbarth) Palmer, Kris (Knodle) Mueller, Laurie (Shaw) Dodds, Judy Lewis
Class of `57 Fall Breakfast
September 22, 2018
Left to Right: Marion (Thompson) Duncan, Ebba (Lundeen) Fewell, Nancy (Glotfelty) Kielsmeier, Moe Kielsmeier, Lynne (Fleming) Wilburn, Dave Saunders, Sylvia (Thomas) Saunders, Norma (Corbett) Bruce and her husband, Mary Jane (Floto) Zipse, Nancy (Snodgrass) Falzone, Jeanne (Minervino) Scholl, and Greely Myers.
MMHS Faculty & Staff of 1983
September 16, 2018 @ Frank & Dianne Swingel's
Seated: Lily Welp, Carol Reckmeyer, Julie Shank, Harold Harrison
Standing: Frank Swingel, Doug Shank, Brenda Nevenhoven, Gerry Allison, Delores Shank, Vern Welp, Frank Floski.
Class of `57 Spring Breakfast
April 16, 2019
Class of 1957 Upcoming Events
Friday, October 18 at
 Ciminos in Mt. Morris
 Social hour at 4:00pm,
Dinner at 5:30pm.
More info to come.
Class of 1962 57th Reunion
Friday, October 4th
Woodcote Cottage, Lowell Park
All day event.  More info to come.
July 6, 2019
​Class of 1969 - Left to right
Back row: Dave Garrison, Steve James, Chuck McGee, Dave Fichtner, Mike Personette, Chuck Wooldridge, Arnold Tice, Dave Sweeney, Eric Ryberg, Scott Johnston, Forrest Floto, Larry Stengel

2nd row: Bill Novak, Tom Webster, Ada (Fridley) Longenecker, Rita (Shelly) Giomi, Debra (Bold) Merritt, Becky (Strohecker) Wallace, Denise Blume, Pat (Balluff) Burbank, Georgia (Billsborough) Wong, Carol Allen, Joan Calder, Patrice (Kump) Nightingale, Brian Diehl

1st row: Dave Cunningham, Kim Vye, Char (Stevens) Topping, Pam (Wible) Vogel, Janice (Anderson) Hough, Kathy (Zellers) Bolton, JoLynn (Anderson) Ward, Diana Mayes, Laurel (Avey) Kilmer, Cherie (Dietrich) Lewison

Seated: LeeAnn (Incontro) Burke, Laura (Herman) Meehan

Class of `59 60th Reunion at the Pines on July 6, 2019