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Student Ambassadors Collect Caps
 and Lids for Plastic Drive to be Recycled into "Buddy Benches"

The Oregon Elementary School Student Ambassadors are teaming up with the kitchen staff to conduct a plastic drive to build buddy benches for school playgrounds.

A buddy bench is used on playgrounds throughout  the country for students
 who are looking for a friend to talk to
 or to play with.

The Student Ambassadors and kitchen staff would like to provide at least two buddy benches, one for the Etnyre playground and one for the Jefferson playground. Each bench requires approximately 200 pounds of plastic lids and caps to be collected. If enough plastic caps and lids are collected they can be used toward additional benches.

Send the lids and caps with students at any time for the remainder of the school year.
Collection containers will also be placed in the lunch rooms and teachers' lounge for students and staff to participate throughout the day.  For the convenience of Mt. Morris residents, a drop-off container has been placed at Angels Treasures next to the item drop-off sign. The bin is clearly marked for the donations. A private citizen has agreed to deliver the caps & lids to the Oregon Elementary School.

Acceptable plastic caps and lids include the following:
Caps from medicine bottles with the information packet removed, milk jugs, detergent containers, hair spray containers, toothpaste tubes, deodorant containers, apple sauce pouches, drink bottles, flip-top caps from mustard containers, spray paint cans, baby food jars, and shampoo and conditioner bottles;

Lids from cottage cheese containers, mayonnaise jars, yogurt containers, peanut butter jars, ice cream buckets (less than eight inches), Cool Whip containers, coffee cans, cream cheese containers, butter containers, and Pringles cans.

The final pick-up date at Angel Treasures will be Sunday, May 12.